Experiential Marketing

Experience Marketing that connects brands to people.

Experiential marketing campaigns should make a difference.  We encourage brands to do something that’s never been done before- or even attempted.  Something that no one else could do.  Something that hasn’t been imagined or created.  Something that makes people resent you for being so imaginative fearless, daring, and creative.  Something that people will talk about and share with others.

Do Something Memorable. Do Something Remarkable. Do Something Original.

We connect brands to people through immersive brand experiences and brand environments.

Experiential Events

Not all experiences are created equal.

While some experiential marketing companies have ideas that are good- they still need a company like Events Unlimited to make the event come to life.

Events Unlimited is more than just an idea factory.  Our company produces events.

The difference?

Infrastructure, Inventory, Investment.

We own, warehouse, and maintain a vast resource of equipment for putting on events.  We employ a regular staff of creative, hard working, resourceful individuals who aren’t afraid to do the work.  We have vehicles, infrastructure, production facilities- and are regularly investing in new technologies and equipment to increase our production capabilities.  We are also invested in making sure that each event succeeds.

To ensure positive experiences, we go above and beyond in order to achieve success.

events unlimited
  • You need everyone in one spot to get the perfect viral photo or video for social media?

    Great, we are skilled at herding cats.

events unlimited
  • You need things loaded in in a specific timeline in order to ensure a deadline for set up is met?

    Yup, we know that pressure, we thrive in it.  We meet our deadlines.

events unlimited
  • You need a 5ft Diameter custom pinata branded for a celebrity appearance/birthday celebration-  and it needs to hold and drop 250lbs of merchandise at the perfect moment/ third swing of the bat?  

    We got it.  Although, next time- we would hope for more than 48hrs to design, source materials, and build the thing…

events unlimited
  • You want thousands of something custom branded and distributed to multiple locations to ensure simultaneous release?  

    We do this all the time, we offer all kinds of custom branding solutions.

events unlimited
  • You need all the event infrastructure taken care of too?  

    We have a massive assortment of event rental items available to support special events.  Tents, tables, chairs, game rentals, event furniture, temporary power- and so much more.  View our rentals.

events unlimited
  • You just need someone to take care of the whole event?  

    This is where we shine the brightest. We are skilled at event management.

events unlimited
  • You just need help, from people you can trust.  

    We have bailed out all kinds of people in all kinds of crazy situations.  We are here to help.

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