Promotional Marketing

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Promotional marketing is marketing that creates incentive for the target (your customer) to take action.  Whether the action is an immediate purchase- or a purchase in the future, there still must be an experience with your brand that ignites brand recognition and influences an audience.  When using your event to promote your brand- you are using a form of promotional marketing that has large capabilities.

Stop and think for a moment.  What promotional events have made an impact in your life, created a memory, a familiarity, or a brand loyalty?  What aspects of those moments worked?

Creating memories by crafting moments.

If you look at some of the popular promotional marketing events that occur in today’s world it is easy to recognize a few different types of events and approaches used by brands.  Each one of them crafts moments, creates an environment, and provides an experience. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is an example of promotional marketing that has been utilized for years to create brand awareness, affinity, and to influence purchases.

Creating brand familiarity through repetition.

A successful promotional marketing campaign is typically not one and done.  An event needs to keep happening to build strong recognition and brand loyalty.  Macy’s holds their parade every year.  The Superbowl is an event that provides its sponsors a chance to get their brands out annually.  Red Bull is constantly sponsoring events and creating new interactive experiences to further its brand recognition.  The key in all of these cases is repetition.  It takes a commitment to grow your brand- and this commitment needs to be strongly supported by regular events and sponsorship opportunities.

Mobile Tours and Multi Location Campaigns.

Events that occur in multiple locations, or tour throughout several geographical areas are one approach that promotional marketing that can be highly effective.  Whether these events are product tastings, surveys, informational exhibits, or immersive brand experiences- finding a partner to support you in your efforts is paramount.  Events Unlimited has a huge resource of products, services, logistical capabilities, and experience providing the deliverable on time- every time.  We are the partners you are looking for.