Employee Engagement

Events that engage, inspire, and impress.

Employee engagement events for companies and brands is one of the most important factors to a large organizations culture.  A strong approach at providing events that engage your internal customers or MVP’s is a good way to invest in your company that leads to better retention, a happier workforce, and a strong sense of recognition.  There are all kinds of approaches taken by all kinds of companies- for all kinds of reasons…

Different types of employee engagement events.

There are many different types of employee engagement events.  Here are just a few that we have taken part in and been a part of:

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Company Picnics

A company picnic can be a great annual event that gives employees and their families a chance to let loose.  It gives an employee a chance to see their coworkers in a different light, and an opportunity for family members to get to know the company.  This can be a great thing- especially when the employee is away from the family a lot due to working for the company.

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Holiday Parties

The holiday party or end of year party is a time honored tradition at many firms.  We have taken part in all kinds of holiday parties both onsite- at the corporate location, as well as planned numerous offsite events for companies.  With a myriad of options for games, entertainment, and event decor- we are well suited for Holiday events- but typically we do sell out in this time of year due to the limited amount of dates and the large amount of demand we experience.

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Team Building Events

Team Building is a great way to inspire and engage a group.  We have a whole assortment of options available to those who are seeking solutions for team building.  We have provided organized activities, competitive events, scavenger hunts, goal driven outings, and a wide variety of team building programs for event planners.

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Employee Appreciation

The term employee appreciation can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.  Some people consider the company picnic, holiday party, or team building programs to be enough.  Other people provide regular employee appreciation events and hospitality experiences to their employees outside of those above.  We have provided a number of solutions and event support services to all kinds of employee appreciation events, dinners, awards, galas, and more.

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Sales Meetings

For some companies the annual, quarterly, or monthly sales meeting is offered as the perfect employee engagement opportunity.  We have facilitated all kinds of sales meetings, offsite events, and destination events.  Whether you need help with creating an impact presentation, or want some support for the after party- we can help.

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Informational – Educational Events

This is an event type that has true business purposes that can be amplified to be more than just an educational or informational event.  Through the use of strong presentation skills, well presented visuals, and creative development even the most boring content can be presented in a lively, refreshing, and inspiring way.  Properly communicating with the right tool can engage your audience to carry out your brands message everywhere.

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Annual Conventions

We have been involved in a number of annual conventions that are held for internal purposes to both foster employee engagement, as well as to hit a number of other business objectives.  Our group works with everything from space and facilities management, to travel planning/arrangements, logistics, transportation solutions, presentations, meal planning, and more.

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Product Launches

An internal product launch can be rewarding for the team who has worked hard putting together the product, getting it tested, ready for market, and out into the world.  It can also be a time to market the product to your internal team and educate them about the new product, why its great, and its special features.  Not only might you get people to buy your product, but you will engage and empower them with knowledge that they can share with their friends…  You can also use the same or a similar program and materials to market the products to external consumers.