Sponsorship Marketing

Many organizations choose to market via sponsorship.

The events world is full of sponsorship opportunities, and many organizations look to create their own sponsored events.  Finding the right sponsorship opportunities for your company can be a difficult task.  Events Unlimited provides companies with the ability to craft their own sponsorship opportunities.  We also provide existing events with the ability to provide additional opportunities to sponsors.

custom golf game and retail display

Sponsor your own event.

Macy’s has their own Thanksgiving Day Parade which occurs annually and is broadcast to millions.  Red Bull has it’s own Flugtag that is presented in cities all over the world.  It is common knowledge that event sponsorship can elevate brand awareness.

At Events Unlimited we can help your brand create a signature event (or events).  We also provide new ideas and creative solutions to enhance your existing sponsorship.  Our professionals build events, experiential marketing programs, and sponsorship opportunities that elevate return on investment- building true connections and long lasting brand results.

Engage our team.

Value ads for sponsor events.

For years event sponsors and event hosts have made a point to plaster logos all over events on advertising and banners and that gave them satisfaction.   Today, things are a bit different, and sponsors are looking for something more.  

Signage is still immensely important –  and we can certainly help you with all your customization and event signage needs.  However we find that more than just relying on some banners and placement- sponsors are asking for something else: enter experiential marketing.  Social media is offering marketers a chance to take a different approach; as a result, event sponsors are looking for more innovative ways to create brand relationships.

Customization – Branding for Sponsorships

Events Unlimited offers a whole host of customization and branding services.  These services are ideal for sponsors looking for a value add.  Things like providing the beer garden with sponsored glasses, or giving guests a sponsored keepsake are both ways to generate brand engagement.  We can provide all kinds of options and ideas.

  • Custom Games – Activities  – A custom game or game area is the perfect way to provide event sponsors with a tangible environment or item to sponsor that your guests will interact with.  Events Unlimited provides a wide assortment of games and entertainment options that offer sponsorship opportunity.
  • Branded Table Games – Table games are a great solution.  We custom brand all kinds of game tables for all types of customers and events.
  • Brand Experiences  – We create fully custom brand experiences for a number of leading brands.
  • Brand Environments – Custom environments crafted with a specific sponsorship marketing or brand objective.
  • Branded Products – Giveaways – We have branded a wide variety of items for all types of sponsor opportunities.  If you are looking have branded products created- we can help. More info.
  • Branded Apparel – Clothing Items – We offer full custom branding capabilities for clothing items onsite screen printing services- and more…
  • Event Signage – Sponsor Banners, Signs and Graphics – Full wide format digital printing capabilities and installations available.
  • Branded Food –  If you want to put your logo on something edible and delicious- then we are here to help.
  • Photo Booths – Custom Photo Stations – Photo booths are an excellent way to provide a custom branded experience/keepsake for your guests.