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By January 13, 2021 General

Full service tent and temporary structure rental solutions.  We provide premium grade temporary shelters for many businesses and public applications.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic our tent rental and temporary structure solutions have been utilized by various entities to provide much needed overhead cover and outdoor shelter solutions.  Our team has been deployed all over the Western United States supporting businesses, public groups, community groups, local governments, and private citizens.

Restaurants & Outdoor Dining Solutions

As government restrictions on restaurants, bars, and public indoor dining has decimated many small businesses, our team has been here to support several entrepreneurs with tents and other covers for outdoor dining areas.  Our team has been dispatched and supported restaurants of various sizes and scales to create comfortable outdoor eating areas that allow businesses to recapture some of their lost revenues.  If your restaurant or other business has been affected and you are looking for a solution to provide your guests a comfortable place to eat or convene outside- we are here to help.  We offer a wide variety of tent rentals, furniture rentals, temporary heating solutions, and other decor options to all kinds of businesses.

Schools – Tents for Outdoor Classrooms

We have been contacted by multiple school organizations for information on outdoor learning shelters.  Various options are available to offer outdoor learning for students for teachers and school administrators who are trying to come up with solutions and alternatives to provide learning solutions to the large percentage students that are not succeeding with virtual learning programs.

COVID – Testing & Vaccine Administration sites

Our tents are being utilized to provide COVID testing facilities and shelters for employers and medical providers throughout the Western United States.  As of January 2021- we have provided testing tents for customers in Washington, Arizona, California, and Oregon.  As these testing sites are becoming more and more utilized- we are reinforcing installations with further amenities like hard walls, tension walls, hard doors, temporary heating, and subfloors/floor systems.  If you are involved in COVID testing or Vaccine administration- and you need a team you can count on- Events Unlimited can help!

Warehousing and Distribution Sites

The increased demand on warehousing and distribution due to the uptick in online ordering caused by the pandemic has created a need for additional warehousing and distribution shelters for a number of businesses.  This has led to an impact to the industrial real estate market.  Our team has been able to provide tent rental solutions for a number of delivery providers and industrial location throughout the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern United States.

If you need additional warehousing or other temporary structure support- we can help.