Customer Experience is Everything.

At Events Unlimited- we have been providing several stores, cafes, restaurants, banks and other businesses with solutions to their changing business needs.   Social distancing requirements are resulting in regulations that affect occupancy- and this is directly impacting many businesses in various ways.  Making sure your customers and employees are comfortable, protected from the elements, and feel taken care of while doing business is a great way to solidify relationships- and to foster a positive customer experience.

If you would like some help improving your curbside pickup or other customer experience- contact us.

Taking your business outside.

If your team is providing customer pick up options, or curbside pick up offerings- we can help you with a few solutions to present a professional image, as well as provide our assistance to help make things go smoothly and safely.

For many businesses curbside pickup is the only revenue stream that is currently available to them.  For some businesses, customers are required to stand in lines outside.  Freshening up the appearance and enhancing the customer experience is a great way to grow your revenue, promote your brand, and make coming to your spot a memorable experience.   Above all- you want to ensure coming to your business is not a negative experience.  Our goal is to increase your chances of repeat business, while facilitating smooth transactions, increasing capacity, and managing safety.

Here are just a few of the offerings for our customers who are seeking to improve thier curbside pick up program:


Our Team has supported pop up business locations for many years.  We have a tremendous amount of experience creating custom solutions for a specific need at special events and in retail settings.  We are looking forward to implementing or improving your curbside pick up customer experience, or investigating ways to solve some of the other challenges your company is experiencing.  Let us know how we can help.