Haunted Houses Portland, Oregon – 2013 Review!

By February 4, 2016 March 12th, 2016 General

We visited several Portland area haunted houses in 2013, and here’s what we have to say!

There are a number of haunted houses full of fun in the Portland area! We have visited quite a few of them this year, and here are our honest opinions of the ones we went through. We think there are a number of great attributes to all of the attractions- and that they are all worth a visit! That said- here are our favorites… and yes, we listed our favorites first.

Happy Halloween and Happy Haunting in Portland, Oregon!


House of Shadows – Gresham – Website: www.scaredinoregon.com

This is a great haunted house for Adults or more mature audiences. Not sure if we would recommend it for children. House of shadows is a FULL CONTACT Haunt. This means you will be touched, grabbed, yelled at, sworn at, and downright abused by the creatures, monsters, and inhabitants of the house. Two people in our party were literally picked up during this haunt, we were shoved against walls, touched, tugged on, pulled on, and completely creeped out. There was a lot of well used profanity, which really added to the experience. We honestly experienced the BEST SCARES in Oregon at the House of shadows, and would recommend it to anyone who has an open mind and is seeking a memorable, engaging, and volatile experience. If you want to be scared and made uncomfortable and have an R rated or higher experience- this is definitely the place to go.

Price: $20 per person


Fear Asylum – Milwaukee – http://fearasylumhauntedhouse.com

Fear Asylum is a quality community haunted house put on by the Elks Club- with local involvement by kids and families from the surrounding neighborhoods. With a set/premise of a Haunted Insane Asylum, this is our pick of haunts for children. The haunt itself is an ideal situation for older kids/preteens, and the haunt organizers also have a dedicated haunt on location for the younger kiddos! The local elks club offers beverage service at their bar, and invites adults to come and have a drink after the haunt. Over all this was the warmest and friendliest haunt atmosphere we found in the area. A true community experience. We would say this is in the PG category, and while we did not visit the G rated haunted house- they have one!

Price: $13 per person


Confront your fears – Vancouver – http://www.confrontyourfears.com

The main haunt possesses the highest quality props, well designed corridors, and well-crafted moments. A mix of animatronics combined with actors put this haunted house towards the top of our list. Good scares, high quality production value, and level of creepiness make this a great haunt for the child, teen, or adult crowd. Two additional haunts featuring lower production scares across the parking lot are included in the ticket price – this proves a nice addition to the package. We recommend seeing these two first, and finishing your evening with the larger attraction. Overall this was a PG experience.

Price: $25 per person


Four Horsemen – Delta Park – http://fourhorsemenpdx.com

This haunted house had some good props, and some good moments but there were some basic hiccups when it came to crowd management and some odd intro videos that actually took away from the opening experience. Once past the start- the haunted house itself was definitely up to par. One image that specifically haunts us from this attraction is coming around the corner looking down a long hallway at a Guy standing on top of a table, two blades one in each hand, staring pensively at our group. As we walked towards him, he moved towards us. SCARY! There was a ton of use of strobe light, which was very disorienting and really added to the experience in many ways. This was definitely a scary haunt once inside, and we would put this one in the PG-13 category.

Price: $20 per person


Fright Town – Rose Garden – http://www.frighttown.com

The busiest haunt, most likely due to location. Inside the haunt there were 3 distinctly different haunted attractions, and a couple other activities. The haunts themselves had high quality props, many actors, and good animatronics. Overall the experience was less personalized and felt rushed. It really felt more like you were walking through a room that was dressed up like a haunted house for Halloween than being inside a haunted house. Very few actual scare moments- but anticipating large crowds, this attraction was crafted to get people through quickly rather than give them a good scare.

Price: $20 per person


13th door – Beaverton – http://13thdoor.com

With a huge arsenal of props, a great space, and some really obvious opportunities to do great things- this Haunted attraction didn’t use their resources that they had available effectively. The live actors were the least effective in scaring us than any in the Portland area. There were obvious items left on the floor, and projects left unfinished throughout the attraction. The teen crowd seemed to really enjoy the place though. Overall it was worth it to see the attraction, because they did have some really good props, animatronics, and it just appeared to need a little more time in development to be successful. There were some great pieces of scenery, and some awesome nasty smells throughout the haunted attraction. Again- this is worth a see if you are in the Beaverton area.

Price: $15 per person


Scream – Gresham – www.screampdx.com

This was the only attraction we visited where we actually felt like we were tricked and not treated. There was an interactive Zombie shooting game which might be fun for teens or on a busier night but overall, for the high ticket price the haunt was unfinished and didn’t have enough actors or scares. If you are ok with your kids shooting a gun and killing zombies, then we would call this one PG rated- younger people with broader imaginations are the ones who would appreciate this haunt the most.

Price: $25 per person