Company Picnic events.  Events Unlimited company picnics and planning solutions.

From small local companies to world leading Fortune 500 companies – we have planned, produced, and provided rentals for countless company picnics, family fun days, and employee incentive events. Our experienced and knowledgeable event planners will work with you to create an event package which will be interactive, entertaining, and create long lasting memories for each and every one of your company picnic guests.

Why hold a company picnic?

One of the most immediate benefits a company will experience after hosting a company picnic is strengthened relationships.  The relationship a company has with each and every one of  it’s employees is important.   A day out of the normal flow of things will give coworkers a chance to get to know each other better- creating a stronger team.

Company picnics are a value part of many company cultures- giving the company an opportunity to say thank you to its staff.  It also a time for employees to recognize that the organization values them, gives back, and appreciates its team.

Who should attend the company picnic?

Through evaluating what relationships are important for the company to promote and foster, a company can determine who is invited to attend.

There are benefits to all types of guest lists- and some companies choose to invite employees only, others focus on employees and their families, and yet others include everyone- even suppliers and contractors. In some cases we have even seen customers invite existing or prospective clients to their company picnic event.

Company Picnics :: Where to host the Event?

There are a lot of approaches to locations for company picnic events.  Many companies choose to host the event on their corporate campus if there is ample room and the event set up, installation, etc… will not impact operations.  Some companies who run multiple shifts with 24/7 operations host events on campus in order to make the event available and convenient to attend for all members of the company.

We have seen company picnic events held at a wide variety of venues, from public parks, to stadiums, private event facilities, and many more locations.  Our event planners are more than happy to help you determine a great venue for your event- contact us today!

Entertainment at a Company Picnic…

Depending on your group, venue, and other factors- the entertainment selection may vary.  If you are providing a company picnic event which is open to families- it is important to ensure children’s and family entertainment options are available.  Regardless the type of group invited, entertainment should be provided which offers something for every one.  Also of importance is to provide competitive games,  as well as opportunities for families to play games, take part in activities, or participate together/as a group.

Our company specializes in company picnic entertainment.  We provide a wide variety of games and entertainment to corporate events of all shapes and sizes.

What to do about the food/catering options for company picnic events?

We have seen a lot of different approaches to company picnics and corporate events when it comes to food and catering.  Our number one piece of advice is to provide food options that offer something for everyone.  We can offer a variety of solutions and are here to help.

Events Unlimited – your company picnic provider.

The company picnic is a time honored part of many successful organizations. At Events Unlimited company picnics are one of our premiere service areas. We started our company working with companies of all sizes to arrange venues, entertainment, catering, giveaways, and transportation services for their picnics. The company picnic is an event which we host for many organizations, and we are confident that we can make your next one a success!