Supercharge your Superbowl Party.

By February 4, 2016 March 12th, 2016 Featured Items

Superbowl Sunday is fast arriving- the preparations for the main event have been well under way for a while…  and at Events Unlimited we have many great ideas and game options for your upcoming Superbowl Party.  And don’t forget that we can dress up any venue- our event designers can create the perfect Superbowl party atmosphere anywhere.

Our football themed games and entertainment options are always popular- but every year on Superbowl Sunday, it seems like we could never have enough.  With some of our regular super bowl party planners placing orders well in advance- we recommend anyone who is having a Superbowl party this year to get their reservations in!

Large Screen TV’s and Movie Screens.

Do you need a way to present your guests with the big game in a big way?  Do you need multiple screens showing the game in multiple areas?  Are you setting up a big tent for a larger crowd and do you need Audio-Visual needs met?

At Events Unlimited we have several viewing options available to make your super bowl party a huge success- click here.

Mobile Video Game Theater.

Want a place where people can go play video games and still be able to watch the game?  Our Mobile Video game theater offers multiple gaming screens and gaming systems- It also features a dish- giving you the ability to have the big game showing inside/outside, or run another feed to another area… For more information and options click here

Inflatable Game Rentals

We have a selection of inflatable games that fit a football theme.  But chances are that your sports loving crowd would be open to you throwing a few other sport related inflatable games into the mix at this years party…

Game Rentals with a Sports Theme…

We offer all kinds of other tailgate party games like corn hole, or carnival games and other challenges- which are perfect pre-game activities at any football game or party.  In addition we have several classic arcade games which feature some classic football themed games which never get old!  We also offer a large selection of table games and other game room style games and photo booths, or green screen photos-which are the perfect addition for any special event.  Browse our game rentals for more ideas!