We created a “Winter Wonderland” for a client of ours this past week- and the event was a major success.  We worked hard to provide an amazing visual experience that would amaze guests and we integrated design elements that would bring the cool feelings of walking through a winter forest into the event space.  Our team of designers has an extensive amount of experience in theatrical and event design- and we work as a solid unit when crafting your event.

See more examples of the design elements we created at this special event on our facebook page!

We utilized a combination of silver and white leafless branches, over 30 cubic feet of artificial snow, several boxes of silver pine cones, glass icicles, a huge assortment of stretch fabrics and spandex, hundreds of LED lights, real candles, decorative furniture pieces, large freestanding glass vases, wooden decor columns, solid maple tables, tree decorations-  and a variety of other found objects to create an overall stunning visual experience.

Every little detail was crafted, thought about, and precisely executed by the in house production team at Events Unlimited.  We worked day and night to ensure the event was a success- and this week we are spending several days cleaning up the warehouse, putting away decor items, and ensuring that they are ready for the next event.

At Events Unlimited, our main goal is to make your event the best it possibly can be- and we can help you achieve this end.   In this case it involved putting a bird on it…

Through utilizing our in house design, event management, planning, rental, and production services- you can ensure a successful special event.  We service clients  from several warehouses- Our primary service center and corporate headquarters is in Portland, Oregon.   We would happily service your next event.