Church Picnics are a great vessel to reach out to your community and local neighborhood. At Events Unlimited we are involved in church carnivals for various sizes of congregations.

Whether you are seeking a small selection of games for a more intimate gathering, or you are looking for help planning the infrastructure for a larger event for thousands of people- we can help. At Events Unlimited, we provide event solutions for church carnival planners- and we also plan church carnival planning services to organizations who are looking to offload administrative work from an already swamped support staff.

Our complete planning service will handle everything from signage, to invitations, to marketing to the local community- to planning and implementing the day’s activities, games, attractions, fun foods, catering, shelters, entertainment and more. We have provided specialty acts, christian bands, and a variety of entertainment solutions that draw crowds. In addition we are able to manage crowds of all sizes, as well as select and outfit an appropriate venue for just about any event.

A Church picnic can be an excellent way to outreach into your local community and begin increasing your congregation. It can also be a wonderful way to just say thank you to the members of the existing community. Members of your church can help to assist with various aspect of the event, or they can be treated to a day where they are thanked for their regular volunteer service and involvement in your community.

Whatever your ultimate goal or reasoning for a church carnival, it is truly an exceptional opportunity for your group to let down their hair and have a wonderful day.

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