10 ideas to to raise team spirits while working remotely.

If you can create a smile- its time to be proactive.

We have all been in our homes staying safe, staying healthy, and doing our best to minimize the chances of viral transmission.  Work teams, yoga classes, business meetings, piano lessons, and ballet lessons are all being performed remotely.  At this point if you are in the position to do something nice- its definitely time to uplift the spirits of the people around you.

Here are a few of the services and ideas we are currently offering to our clients- which can be utilized by anyone to spread a touch of humanity to those around you.

Send Care Kits

Our custom products team is currently fulfilling and managing logistics for the delivery of “Care Kits”, which include custom branded tote bags, amenity bags, custom cups, and other custom branded items- with fun treats/goodies for several of our corporate clients.  One client is having us send out a roll of emergency back up toilet paper with custom messaging on the wrapper!

If you want to do something uplifting for your employees or customers- or would like to strengthen your brand’s connection with individuals in this time- Events Unlimited can help.  We are building these kits, processing items, and mailing individually to our client’s team members- and people are receiving our gifts all around the world!

Contact us today, and we can put together a custom delivery program designed specifically for your group.

Arrange Goat 2 Meeting Appearances

A lot of people have been having remote meeting with their work teams and other associates on Zoom.  At Events Unlimited we have reached out to our petting zoos, and have made it possible to have an appearance of one of our goats, llamas, or other farm animals make an appearance in your zoom meeting.  It’s even possible to have a unicorn appear!

If you are interested in having an unusual character appear in your zoom meeting or any other way remotely- let us know.

Provide Non-Medical Face Masks for your Partners and Friends.

The CDC recommends face masks be used in public.  Some local jurisdictions have made wearing face masks in public a legal requirement.  Our custom products team has been busy making and selling reusable, washable, and filter changeable face masks online @ www.honestandable.com

We are working with several corporate clients looking to outfit their teams who are currently in the field providing essential services.  Other clients are placing orders for their staff so that they can get back to work sooner- when offices do re-open.  Some customers who are looking to purchase masks are doing so as a gift/promotional tool for their employees or clients- we can custom brand the masks as well.  Sending out face masks is a great way to tell people you are there for them- and that you have them and their safety in mind.

For larger quantity orders, please contact us- our capacity is increasing regularly.  Visit our handmade mask website, or contact us today.

Host a Crafting Competition.

One client of ours is hosting a face mask decorating competition via zoom.  Our team has put together the masks and packaged them to be sent with goodie bags.  Each kit is filled with tools and items to be used to decorate the masks.

We have all kinds of fun crafts that can be sent out to people’s houses.  Pet Rocks, Candle Making, Custom Tea Blends, Cookie Decorating Kits- and more.   We can also create custom craft activities based on your brand or initiative.

We arrange all the logistics, and you host the meeting!  It’s amazing how simple activities can create smiles and generate some laughter.  Doing one’s part to raise the collective spirits of those around us is something that is ultimately beneficial for everyone.

Put together a Remote Game Show/Trivia Style Meeting.

Making a game out of things is always a great way to both lift spirits and compliment learning.  It can be also be a great way see where you team is at with a new objective.  At Events Unlimited we have some great game show programs that can be offered remotely.  We have put together game show presentations for Ford Motor Co, Kellogg’s/General Mills, and a variety of other corporate clients over the years- and we can help you to produce a remote presentation during this time.

If you want to spice up your meeting or other presentation, we are happy to put together a custom game show solution to support your needs.  Our team is here to help!

Assemble your team for a Group Zoom Photo.

Simply pressing the print screen button while in zoom captures a photo of everyone on your screen.  Getting people to pose for these photos is a fun way to capture a cool photo of the team.  Having everyone wear a fun hat, glasses, or other fun costume piece can be a way to spruce it up.  Or simply have everyone pose the same, everyone look to the left, everyone hold up a sign- the limits are endless.

Once you have the photo, it can be emailed to your team.  Or you can send it to us, and we can print it out and frame it with one of our photo booth printers– and send it out to everyone.

 Just Send Flowers

Sending flowers to others has been a great way to uplift people’s spirits wince what seems to be the beginning of time.  Having flowers in one’s space is something that will raise spirits for many people out there.  Our floral department has created massive displays, tabletop décor for hundreds of tables, and a wide assortment of other fun floral solutions.  We can arrange bouquets and deliver them locally to your teams of all sizes using our vehicles with no contact delivery.

Gift Cards for Restaurant Delivery Services.

Events Unlimited has been managing the delivery of gift cards to employees for our clients.  A gift card for a food delivery service is a great way to uplift your team member’s spirits, let them know you are thinking about them- and do some good for the local restaurants and business owners who have been negatively impacted by the government mandated shut down.

If you want to get a gift card program planned and delivered- we are here to help!

Buy out a local restaurant for a later date.

Event Venues and Restaurants have had a massive loss to income since the beginning of this crisis.  Many of these businesses are hanging on by a thread.   One nice and beneficial thing a corporate customer can do for a restaurant or event venue is to throw them a lifeline.  Buy out their venue or restaurant for a future event.  Reserve the date today- and give them payment.  Because down the road when we all get let out of our houses again- we will all need the venues and restaurants to be there for us.   We are going to want to get our teams together again for an offsite celebration.  Announcing to your group that the reservation has been made, creates a sense of stability for individuals.

Events Unlimited has arranged countless offsite meetings and venue buy outs- we can help you to arrange a local restaurant or venue buyout.

Let people know that we are all in this together and make them smile.

This is something you can do with one of our care kits, sending a face mask, or simply sending an email to someone and reaching out.  Checking on the welfare of people is a great move one can make.  During this time, it is easy for us to get introverted.  Some people out there are struggling to stay happy.   Just picking up the phone or sending a simple email for a check in is always a good move.  Just reach out and say that you were thinking about the person.  Make an effort to reaffirm your connection.  Let people know that you are thinking about them, and that you are looking forward to the future together.

The goal is to create a smile- because smiles are more infectious than anything else on this planet!