Our goal is to support our community.

Our skill set is well adapted to managing change.  As an essential services provider, we have been open regular hours throughout the entire pandemic.  We are still here- providing solutions.

Adapting and Innovating

We will do our best to help you with any of your needs. 

Testing and Vaccination Sites

Drive Through testing tent.

Our team is providing drive through and walk in testing and vaccination  logistics solutions for several communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Our emergency services team facilitates quick deployment solutions- enabling temporary testing and vaccination sites locations across the Western United States.   Our support teams have been deployed to support locations in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and California.

We are here to ensure that health groups are able to collect more information about the disease and its spread.  We are here at the ready to facilitate drive thru testing and vaccination solutions, signage, traffic cones, crowd control barriers- and other solutions to help health officials increase their knowledge, roll out the vaccines, and to help our communities open up.

If you need help with your testing sites or vaccination sites from a dependable experienced partner you can count on- contact us today.

Hospital Overflow and Triage Tents

We have provided triage tents at various hospital facilities to help them handle incoming patients in a safe and effective manner.  Our team has also offered tenting solutions for overflow management at various hospitals in several cities and municipalities across the Western United States.  Our shelter solutions provide scalability to facilities who may need to grow their capacities in the future, and our team of experienced installers have been deployed to support temporary hospital needs in both rural and metropolitan areas.

Emergency tent in front of hospital.

Workplace Solutions

Your company may be required to screen it’s workers before allowing them on a job site.  Some employers count on our team to provide testing site and logistics solutions as they bring their people back to work.  Temperature testing and Covid Testing are tools that many large employers are using to ensure employee safety.

We have a full array of crowd management and temporary shelter solutions with complete turn key installation and management capabilities available.

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homeless relief station

Homeless Support Services.

During the pandemic we have been approached by communities of all sizes who need solutions for their most vulnerable.  Major cities and smaller rural communities have been looking for ways to address the needs of the homeless populations.

We have been proud to help community groups and city governments to provide solutions for their homeless populations.  We have provided tents, tables, chairs, temporary power solutions, temporary showers, and cooling systems for the homeless during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our efforts are combined with charities, government agencies, and civic groups- together we are providing homeless people with help, hope, dignity and respect.

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Face Covers – Face Masks.

When the CDC changed their guidance regarding the use of face masks in America, our custom products team went to work immediately.  We developed and designed fashionable, comfortable, 100% cotton, washable, reusable, face coverings with changeable filter pockets and created multiple channels of distribution to the community.

Our team has produced and shipped thousands of our face masks to private citizens, utility companies, essential employers, and retailers across the United States.  Face coverings are available in a variety of fun patterns, they are shipped via USPS to ensure contact less delivery, they can be customized- and are available in retail ready packaging to meet the needs of resellers.

Check out our face masks at www.HonestandAble.com

Remote Team Building and Virtual Meetings.

A large portion of our customers have been working from home.  These are groups that we would usually be supporting with room build outs, team building programs, meeting support services, catering, picnics, parties, and other events.

Keeping people’s spirits up is an essential part of managing a team remotely.  As we have received requests from our customers- we have come up with several solutions to their remote team building needs.  Our team has provided remote game show solutions, virtual scavenger hunts, team challenges, goat2Meeting appearances, and more.

If you are interested in discussing options for your team- contact us today.

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Gifting and Uplifting.

We have been encouraging people to make an effort to uplift the people around them.  This is very important for people who are no longer interacting with each other the way they had been in years past.  Social isolation is taking its toll on the well being of all kinds of people.  Our years of experience in corporate gifting, custom branding, and logistics management has been put to work during this time.  We have been contracted by our customers to build, package, and deliver personalized and customized gifts to their remote workers all over the world.  We are now recognized international shippers and can facilitate the distribution of deliveries to your team members globally.

See our blog post on ideas we wrote for managers looking for remote ideas for their teams.  If you are interested in discussing options for your team- please contact us today.

Restaurants & Outdoor Dining Solutions

As government restrictions on restaurants, bars, and public indoor dining has decimated many small businesses, our team has been here to support several entrepreneurs with tents and other covers for outdoor dining areas.  Our team has been dispatched and supported restaurants of various sizes and scales to create comfortable outdoor eating areas that allow businesses to recapture some of their lost revenues.  If your restaurant or other business has been affected and you are looking for a solution to provide your guests a comfortable place to eat or convene outside- we are here to help.  We offer a wide variety of tent rentals, furniture rentals, temporary heating solutions, and other decor options to all kinds of businesses.

outdoor dining tent rental

Schools – Tents for Outdoor Classrooms

We have been contacted by multiple school organizations for information on outdoor learning shelters.  Various options are available to offer outdoor learning for students for teachers and school administrators who are trying to come up with solutions and alternatives to provide learning solutions to the large percentage students that are not succeeding with virtual learning programs.