Audience Response System

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Our audience response systems have been utilized to support a variety of event needs. The system can be utilized to accurately keep track of votes, create graphs showing results, as well as determine specific team members answers to the questions presented.

We have utilized our audience response system to log votes for board meetings, train sales teams on new product releases, and create fun interactive party activities at a variety of special events. Our audience response system can be utilized to obtain interaction from guests and groups from just a few participants to several hundred participants.

This software and hardware package comes with a tech from our company, and can be utilized for polling audiences in a number of different ways. So if you’re interested in quickly collecting valuable data from groups, consider an audience response technology solution from Events Unlimited. Whether your need is to immediately grade performance, or identify priorities, or accelerate decision making, or build consensus, chances are that Events Unlimited has an audience response system to meet your needs.