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Temporary Power + Electrical Distribution

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Complete Power Management and Support.

Power distribution is one of the challenges that all event planners, festival organizers, and concert promotors face. Events Unlimited addresses this challenge, by providing electrical distribution rentals and capable staff to support temporary power needs for events, disasters, and emergencies.

Power Distribution Labor Services

Our event professionals and electricians have the experience necessary to make sure everyone has the right power at your event. We work diligently to hire and retain good people with strong work ethic- whose goal is to support our customer needs. We offer full service and turnkey solutions so that power is no longer a worry.

Event Power Distribution

We use similar power distribution systems for events indoors or outdoors. Power and electrical needs for events are determined by the power source, availability of power at the venue, and placement of each temporary outlet. Power availability is a major consideration when deciding on your venue- because a venue with insufficient power for your needs will require a generator rental.

Most venues, be it a sports arena, stadium, theater, restaurant, ballroom, city park, private facility; or other space- will have one or more central power sources or power drops. If the venue has a strong power supply or source, we can usually just plug in and use our distribution equipment. This allows us to run the power to the various places needed for the event.

Generator Power + Generator Rentals

We can also bring in generator rentals to provide redundancy, add additional power capacity, or as a solution for total power supply at any venue. Generator rentals are often the solution to provide power sources at outdoor festivals, live events, and concerts. We have also provided generator rentals to provide additional power support when a venue has a limited power supply, standard distribution methods are too costly, or where redundancy to ensure 100% uptime is a goal.


Uninterruptible Power + Redundancy

In most cases, uninterruptible power requires generators on site. We offer generator rentals in a variety of varied sizes to meet varying needs. When we rent generators, we always recommend having at least one backup generator rented and at the ready in case of mechanical failure. While it may seem excessive from a budget standpoint, having a power failure during your event that you are unable to quickly solve is going to cause more distress.

There are multiple solutions available to provide uninterruptible power and redundancy to ensure that your event can run at full capacity without power problems.

Climate Control – HVAC

We also provide climate control, HVAC, and temporary heating solutions in a variety of situations.  Our larger tents and structures often need climate control solutions in order to ensure guest comfort.  We have a wide variety of options to provide heating, cooling, and other needs for special events, temporary shelters, and emergency solutions.

tent hvac and temporary power

Power Distribution Planning

When we begin to create a power distribution system for your live event, we determine all the power needs. For example, we typically calculate the needs of your vendors, registration tents, and stage needs. Once we have an idea of needs, and placement of the various elements on site, we begin to look at cable pathways, distribution layouts, and number and sizes of generators if needed. We also consider needs like fuel for the generators, as the longer they run- the more likely that they will need additional fuel.

Our staff has successfully provided rental electrical power distribution for live events of all types. We have careful planners and electricians ready to serve you and your event.

Electrical and Event Site Planning

We are a premium level temporary power and electrical distribution services provider. Our electrical support services will solve all your temporary electrical needs. We provide temporary power solutions, site services,  and infrastructure support to sporting events, concerts, music festivals, cultural events, private parties, emergency response, and more. When we supply tent rentals and structures, we also offer power solutions and distribution to supply HVAC, temporary lighting, and other electrical needs.  With our complete event production and management solutions, we can provide every aspect of your event.

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