Full Size Deluxe PacMan Battle Royale



Up to four players can compete at once, choosing a game length of between three and nine rounds. Each player controls a differently coloured Pac-Man character; a single player faces one computer-controlled Pac-Man opponent. The players move throughout a maze, avoiding ghosts and attempting to eat dots and power pellets scattered throughout. New dots and pellets appear whenever the players eat them all. In addition; if any player eats a bonus item that appears next to the ghosts’ cage, all remaining dots and pellets are immediately removed and replaced.

When a Pac-Man eats a power pellet, he grows in size and can eat the ghosts and any un-powered Pac-Men until the pellet wears off. During this time, the un-powered Pac-Men turn blue but retain an outline of their original colour, and they cannot eat ghosts.

Un-powered Pac-Men are eliminated from the round when they either run into a ghost or are eaten by a powered Pac-Man. If two Pac-Men of equal strength run into each other, they are knocked backward a short distance but suffer no harm otherwise. Blue Pac-Men cannot knock or pass through each other.

Each round lasts a maximum of two minutes, with an on-screen countdown for the last 10 seconds. The last remaining Pac-Man wins the round. All players are brought back into the game at the start of each new round; after the final round, the player with the most victories is the overall winner.