Glowing Spandex Table Coverings

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At Events Unlimited we offer a large amount of spandex table coverings available for special events of all shapes and sizes. We have spandex table coverings to fit a variety of rental table sizes. Below are a few of the sizes and shapes which we have available to meet your event needs.

– 60″ rounds

– 8′ Tables

– 6′ Tables

– 30″cocktail tables

– 36″ bistro tables

– Spandex folding chair covers

In addition to spandex covers, we also offer event planners our LED under table lighting options- which give us the ability to match our tables with just about any colors or decor needs. The lights are battery powered, and are the perfect solution to light under a cocktail or bistro table.

Our spandex linen rentals offer a great surface for other lighting design opportunities, they also offer a sleek, modern look and simple feel- giving you the opportunity to take your event from a standard experience, to a high end classier feel.

We carry a large stock of white and black linens, however we are able to meet the needs of any special event, and can fulfill custom orders in all shapes and sizes.

At Events Unlimited, we are proud to be the choice for countless planners of gala events, fundraisers, dinners, auctions, weddings, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients a broad selection of options, including and games and entertainment programs, and all kinds of ways to be creative when planning a special event. If you are looking to spice up and old event, and you want our help- let us know where you are with things- what you have done in the past, and ask us to help you to take your event to the next level!