Extreme Blasters

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Extreme Blasters are available for rent for all kinds of carnivals, fairs, parties, or special events! Participants will love the extreme action as they pump and pump in competition with their friends. The person who pumps the fastest wins with a pop!

This activity is much like our 2 person balloon blasters game- however this game offers 4 pump stations… We have 2 units in stock, so ask about getting a unit with 8 balloon popping stations for your upcoming event. At Events Unlimited we work hard to provide you with the latest and greatest games available- and our extreme blasters are just another one of our amazing offerings that is guaranteed to please your guests!

Everybody loves to challenge a friend to a balloon popping challenge… If balloon blasters is not a challenge enough, consider renting our balloon dart game, or better yet our pitchburst/balloon splash games which offer participants the opportunity to burst balloons that are filled with water, or just about any other substance you would like to fill it with!

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