Community Picnics

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An annual picnic can be a great annual event for any community.

At Events Unlimited we have seen annual picnics work for all kinds of communities. A good old fashioned picnic is a great way for community members to get out and get to know each other.

Our picnic planning capabilities are pretty significant. We have a diverse portfolio of event services which includes a range from standard event and party rental services – like tents, tables, chairs, temporary power, etc… to a huge resource of amusement devices and entertainment solutions, and a committed team of professional event planners, designers, and managers- who are able to help you with every aspect of your picnic event.

You may be looking to do a quick concert in the park and want to round out the day with a few more activities, or perhaps youare considering hosting a chili cookoff, or a barbecue event, or any other idea that you know will draw a crowd… At Events Unlimited we specialize in planning for that crowd-

Our company prides itself on it’s ability to ensure a successful event. With a comprehensive planned approach, we ensure that everything goes flawlessly. Our team can provide site planning services, site maps, on site coordination, traffic management, crowd control, ticket booths, and more.