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Planning an Auction Fundraiser can be a daunting task.

At Events Unlimited- we are happy to assist you with basic rentals, catering, or decor for your upcoming event. Our professional planners are capable of providing just a few simple services, and we are also capable of handling the entire event so that your team can just show up, have a good time, and raise funds for your cause.

An Events Unlimited auction is special event that is built to increase your organization’s or cause’s income.

We work tirelessly to procure goods and services, manage the venue, arrange invitations, create excitement, decide on decor, menu management, load in/load out, production management, and more. We are capable of working with your organizations leads to ensure speeches and presentations are conducted in the most successful and succinct manner, and we work very hard to procure donations from all kinds of community organizations.

Depending on the auction budget, we can offer valet services, specialty decor items, lighting design solutions, and other attributes that will give people a feeling of success and opulence. Our goal is to create an environment that is fun, jovial, positive, and dedicated to your cause.

If you are planning and auction and need help with some rentals, or if you need someone to manage your upcoming auction event- we are here to help. We support nonprofit organizations of all types with events of various sizes and shapes. We are well suited to meet the objectives of your organization.